Conquering Myself

We’ve all been there: Pumped up, ready to work out and then…we do something else. The excuses start to roll in:

“It’s just one missed day. I can work out tomorrow.”

“I’m too exhausted.”

“I’m going out for drinks with a co-worker.”

Besides, it’s just one missed day, right? There’s always tomorrow. Then, tomorrow arrives and something else comes up.

The Id: one of Failure’s Shitty Cousins

Each one of us faces our own, unique opponents every single day. Freud identified these opponents as the “id”, our inner hedonist – the part of us that only wants pleasure. It pulls against us, keeping us from going to the gym and pushes us onto the couch to watch episode after episode of whatever on Netflix. It guides our hand to the sloppy, bacon double cheeseburger or slice of cheesecake instead of that salad or piece of fruit (it’s ok, there’s fruit on the cheesecake!).

These foods enter our bloodstream, clog our arteries and don’t provide the nutrients and energy that food is supposed to provide. And then we wonder why we can’t get motivated and if we ever manage to get to the point of being motivated, we can’t maintain it.

Our respective ids have a big influence over those daily decisions.

Struggling with the id

I like to think that everything is connected. An unhealthy diet can be linked to unhealthy habits and routines. Eating shitty food and lots of it promotes shitty habits and tired thoughts (NOT talking about mental illness or invasive thoughts – that’s different).

I’ve learned that many challenges can be overcome by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Many of the challenges I face exist because I, myself, stand in the way of overcoming them.

For example, I have recently decided that at some point in my life I want to be in the kind of shape to do a V-sit comfortably. If you are unsure of what I am talking about, it looks like this:


I am still very, VERY far from being able to accomplish this task. I still can’t even do a proper L-sit, which is the pre-cursor to the V-sit. My reasoning for this particular goal is because I know that my success in achieving it is entirely dependent on me, as opposed to, say, becoming a successful writer, which involves external forces I cannot control.

Helping others in some fashion is also something I would like to do, and I am still figuring out how I can contribute. In the meantime, I will continue practicing this exercise and see what I am truly capable of.

In order to do something great I have to first make myself great. I should make use of the privilege I have, not hoarding it all for myself, but sharing it with others, however I am able to. I want to contribute and contribute greatly. By helping those who do not have the same advantages we can all be great.

I figure that if I can’t conquer the challenges in my own life, how do I expect to help anyone else conquer theirs?

I need to have clearly defined goals and follow through with them.

I need to gain control of the id.

If I stand in my own way, then I need to conquer myself.

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