Keeping Things Tidy

Social Media Detox Project: Day 5

It’s not about astronomical growth anymore, or being the biggest you can be.

It’s about quality and depth now.

It’s about identifying deeply with a small audience.

It’s about scaling back, rather than up and out.

It’s about lowering the expenses, i.e. the things and stuff that hold you back.

Do things you are already good at, and do them more often.

You can do the things you want more often by trimming out the clutter that holds you back.

You must cut to grow.

Today, you cannot afford to just be competent. You must be exceptional. And that requires depth, which you cannot get if you let the clutter created by social media take all the space in your mind.

What I Did Today

  • Worked on Novel
  • Worked on a blog post
  • Started working on a new song
  • Exercised
  • De-cluttered one of my closets

What I Read Today

What I Learned Today

“We do it wrong until we do it right.” -Seth Godin