The History of Things

Social Media Detox Project: Day 14

History, the stories of how societies and nations evolve over long periods of time, is unusual. Growing up, I always took for granted the things they taught me in school. Now that I’m an old man, I’m absolutely riveted by history. It’s like entering into another world, yet this isn’t fantasy. These are events that actually happened. These were people that really existed. Their decisions shaped the way our world is now.

We take the term “The United States” for granted, but during the long, tumultuous birth of our nation, such a thing did not exist. Imagine how weird it would be if each state was its own independent nation–how different history would have been shaped.

Strange to think about…

What I Did Today

Worked on novel

Shot a bunch of videos in the park

Family time

Band practice

Freelance writing

Something I Read Today

“By rejecting proportional representation, the architects of the Articles were making a clear statement that they did not intend the Confederation Congress to function as a national government once the war was won. The closest approximation in our time is the European Union.” –The Quartet:: Orchestrating the Second American Revolution, by Joseph J. Ellis

Something I Learned Today

Not related to history, but random thoughts about how marketing and branding really relies heavily on emotion.

Some of the things successful brands do is make their message reach into people’s emotions and mess ’em around a bit.

It’s interesting how we all buy into it.