Seeking Out Pieces of History

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The United States was the first government formed by the people; not by a tyrannical ruler or a fanatical priest.

I’ve always heard these things; they were pounded into my skull all through grade school…but I never really let those extraordinary facts sink in.

We’ve definitely got our issues here in the U.S. and there’s a lot of change that still needs to occur, but it’s still a pretty cool place to live. Diving into the history of its foundation is fascinating. The government formed at its inception was the first of its kind, and took plenty of forward-thinking minds to develop. These people spent so much time thinking, reading, writing and discussing with one another. They had clearly defined goals and did not allow themselves to waver from what they set out to accomplish.

The problem lay in the fact that, back when the country was in its infancy, most people did not want to be united. They thought a federal government, being so far away, would not hold the interests of the individual states. They thought it would turn into another totalitarian nation, which they were already fighting against with Great Britain, so, once the war was over, their loyalties returned to the confines of their state borders.

How did the Founding Fathers manage to convince everyone that a united nation was the way to go?

I will find out in subsequent readings.

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“For [John] Adams it was especially distressing to witness such conspicuous failure ‘in the first formation of Government erected by the People themselves on their own Authority, without the poisonous interposition of Kings and Priests.’ There was, to be sure, such a thing as ‘The Cause’, But the glorious potency of that concept did not translate to ‘The People of the United States.” -John J. Ellis, The Quartet