Honor and Real Love

Social Media Detox Project: Day 18

Honor is about self-respect, self-love and caring for everything in one’s life.

George Washington was big on honor. When he felt disrespected by British imperialism, he saw it as a reflection of everything else that was happening in the fledgling U.S., which was still becoming united.

I think that the current administration is a reflection of a much lower level of honor.

Because the members of the administration don’t love themselves enough or those around them. Not really. Whatever it is, it isn’t real love.

Washington loved himself, though. And because of that, he was able to truly love those around him and realize that the value inherent in independence was one of the greatest gifts a person could receive. Washington recognized the value in that freedom.

Liberties, rights, freedom from tyranny. It’s something I’ve always taken for granted. I don’t know anything else but that privileged life.

But…if my rights were stripped away, would I maintain my honor? In my personal belief in the value of those rights?

Would I play it safe and bow to authoritarianism?

Would I stand up, step forward and risk my life?

I’d like to say that I would risk it all, but it’s hard to say, for sure. I hope that I never have to find out.

History, for the most part, paints a rosy-colored picture of Washington; I know he wasn’t perfect. No one is.

But he did a lot of really cool shit. He stood for something.

He was a stand-up guy; a prime example of someone with character and an attitude I wish to emulate.

If I can turn out to be a fraction of the person he was, I will be able to say that I’m a success.

What I Did Today

Novel writing

Blog writing

Played a show with my band

Something I Read Today

“I am now embarked on a tempestuous Ocean from whense, perhaps no friendly harbor is to be found…it is an honor I wished to avoid…I can answer but for three things, a firm belief in the justice of our Cause–close attention to the prosecution of it–and the strictest integrity–if these cannot supply the places of Ability and Experience the cause will suffer & more than probably my character along with it, as reputation derives it’s principle support from success.” –Words of George Washington, from The Quartet by Joseph J. Ellis

Something I Learned Today

It’s really easy to slip into a state of complacency about our rights and liberties in the States.