Paying attention to my lifeline

Social Media Detox Project: Day 19

I am exploring self-employment, which is like submerging into a mysterious abyss. As I dive deeper, I’ll discover all sorts of new and interesting treasures, wildlife and other people who live here. My entire worldview is shifting.

But I am just visiting, and I can’t venture too deep just yet.

Currently, my day job is my lifeline. As I continue exploring, I have to pay enough attention to it so that it doesn’t snap.

But if I spend enough time down here I will adapt; I will find other lifelines.

Then maybe I’ll be able to survive on my own.

What I Did Today

Novel writing

Blog writing


Something I Read Today

“If you’re not proud of what you actually do, perhaps you can explore doing something else instead.” –from Seth’s Blog: “Say What You Want” by Seth Godin

Something I Learned Today

That George Washington suffered more defeats than any other General at the time of the American Revolution.