My Last Day

Social Media Detox Project: Day 31

Here it is, the last day of my social media detox project.

What have I learned from this experience?

Who knows?

Hopefully something. Whatever it is, it requires more thought than I have capacity for at the moment, given that it’s my bedtime.

So, I guess that’s my lesson: I should complete these posts earlier in the day so I don’t fall asleep at the keyboard.

Will I go back to social media after today?

Who knows?

I don’t have any inclination to go back. I like the places that I am focusing my energy currently.

But what I will probably do is set a weekly limited time with social media, like 20 mins posting and interacting on Sundays or something.

As for this blog, I’m not sure, either.

I like keeping track of my days and paying them more attention, which this blog has allowed me to do.

I have to determine whether the time commitment is worth it.

I guess I always need to have the following question on the brain:

Would I rather do something else than this thing I am doing right now?

What I Did Today


Novel writing

Blog writing

Video editing

Something I Read Today

“In Italy, you could always fight in the summer, if you felt like it. If you wanted to go out.” -From Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel

Something I Learned Today

Creativity is not about how good you are relative to others.

It’s about getting better than you were.