The Best-Laid Plans

Sometimes you lay out a detailed plan for your whole afternoon.

Sometimes you set out to write your weekly post about the value of planning.

Sometimes your dog breaks into the hen house, kills three of your chickens, and throws off your entire afternoon.

It happens.


“The best-laid plans…” as they say. Actually, I don’t know what the complete saying is. I always just hear people say “The best-laid plans…” and then you’re supposed to finish the rest, I guess.

The best-laid plans don’t account for bloodthirsty dogs. There.

What I can say about planning is that sometimes, it has no value, whatsoever.

Planning can’t really prepare for the unexpected. 

That’s why it’s unexpected.

Maybe there’s a theme in here about death somewhere, too. 

I’m sure the chickens didn’t wake up this morning thinking it was their last.

I guess none of us really know.

That’s why I quit my job. That’s why I spend my time doing what I love with the people I love.

I know it can’t be the same for everyone. I know the system pushes a lot of people down.

We are always connected these days, though.

And with connection comes opportunity.

Pockets of opportunity exist everywhere, albeit to varying degrees of visibility.

But they are always there.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention.

That’s why it’s important to minimize distraction.

Making the most of life means paying attention, but you have to decide what that means for you.

If this sounds like general advice, it is.

If you need a little more, here’s some:

Gravitate toward the creative things you love. 

Avoid the things that keep you from doing those creative things on a consistent basis.

For me, this means:

  • staying off social media.
  • avoiding binge watching.
  • reading books.
  • going on nature walks.
  • regular exercise.
  • writing daily.
  • spending time with my child.
  • spending time in the sun.
  • regulating the media I consume (no more than an hour a day of video games, for instance).

Anything less will bring me down. Maybe not all the way, but in fragments.

But those fragments add up.

Maybe it’s the same for you, or vastly different.

I hope you don’t spend most of your time doing things you hate and the rest of it distracting yourself from that fact.

And, I sincerely hope the bloodthirsty animal jaws of death remain far, far away from your hen house for a long time.

Be well, John Spartan.

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