The Rhythm of Life

The sun rises.

The sun sets.

The world turns.

The clock ticks.

Life operates outside us; indifferent, consistent, moving to an objective rhythm out of our control.

When we say life is chaotic, it’s because we have misunderstood it.

It’s not that life is chaotic, it’s that we’ve fallen out of sync.

When we’re not paying attention, it becomes easy to lose the rhythm. 

That’s because we often have our own ideas about how life should be.

And we’re usually wrong.

If we fight it, we may find ourselves hitting the wrong notes and messing up the performances of those around us.

Understanding how to move with the rhythm of life is important if you wish to put on a good performance.

Because, like all pieces of music, life has a finale.

And, then it’s over.

How often are you happy? How often are you sad?

How often do you feel energized? How often do you feel de-energized?

How much of what you feel is based on things you can’t control?

How much of what you feel is based on what you can?